Gorilla Wall Braces by Resch Enterprises Inc - Family Owned Since 1967!

Straighten Bowing and Bulging Walls in 1 Day

Gorilla Wall Braces® by Resch Enterprises Inc are the most economical and effective way to straighten bowing basement walls and can be used on basement walls secured to any ceiling structure.


Gorilla Wall Braces are manufactured in the USA. Retaining manufacturing in America makes sense for both our enviroment and economy – with higher quality results.


Gorilla Wall Braces utilize the support of three floor joists, increasing the pushing strength over other basement bracing systems that push off only one floor joist.


Gorilla Wall Braces were tested by a Professional Engineer to safely and effectively stabilize bowing or buckling foundation walls from the inside of your basement.

Gorilla Wall Braces Review

Gorilla Wall Braces are the only Professional Engineer-Stamped DIY solution to straighten bowing basement walls.

Watch this video to see a customer’s before and after pictures of how he was able to fix his severely bowed basement wall with Gorilla Wall Braces.


Gorilla Wall Braces – an effective & economical DIY solution to fix your bowing basment walls.

Save thousands of dollars by fixing your bulging basement walls yourself!

Gorilla Wall Braces – available for PERPENDICULAR & PARALLEL basement walls.

Patented, engineer-stamped and better designed!

Gorilla Wall Braces are the only DIY product in the industry that have been put through pressure and stress tests by a Professional Engineer – earning a Professional Engineer Stamp – ensuring that the Gorilla Wall Braces are a safe and effective basement bracing system to fix your bowing basement walls.

Fixing Basement Walls PERPENDICULAR to the Floor Joist
Unique in the industry, the PERPENDICULAR Gorilla Wall Braces utilize the support of three floor joists to straighten bowing basement walls. This engineered and patented design distributes the wall loads more evenly to the floor joists, reducing side pressure, which in turn prevents the wood joists from twisting or buckling like in other basement wall straightening systems that push off only one or two floor joists.

Fixing Basement Walls PARALLEL to the Floor Joist
The PARALLEL Gorilla Wall Braces are secured in a similar fashion to evenly distribute foundation wall loads over multiple floor joists – a better engineered and tested DIY basement wall straightening solution.

a close-up picture of the Perpendicular Gorilla Wall Brace installed on a white basement wall and wood colored floor joist with the words: Perpendicular Gorilla Wall Brace in a gray box on top of the picture divided image with a black background on the left with the words: Patented Design - Engineer Tested & Stamped. And on the right side it pictures wrenches, nuts, screws, washers in a stylized gray tone illustration. a close-up picture of the Parallel Gorilla Wall Brace installed on a white basement wall and wood colored floor joist with the words: Parallel Gorilla Wall Brace in a gray box on top of the picture

Installation Video Included

Installing Gorilla Wall Braces typically takes about 30 minutes each brace. Your bowing basement walls can be straightened in one day!

With your Gorilla Wall Braces order, you’ll receive a link to a 12 minute installation video. This professionally produced video, along with the corresponding written directions, will give you clear and step-by-step instructions to install Gorilla Wall Braces properly. Watch a 40 second sneak peek of the installation process… 


Benefits of Gorilla Wall Braces

The Gorilla Wall Braces system is a proven solution for straightening bulging basement walls and eliminates any further movement of foundation walls pushing in.

No Removal of Concrete Floor

Our innovative floor bracket allows for the installation of Gorilla Wall Braces without removal of the basement’s concrete floor.

Excavate for 1 Day Results

When the exterior basement wall is excavated, Gorilla Wall Braces can be tightened until they push the bowed basement wall straight.

Straighten w/o Excavation

By regularly tightening the screw at the top of each Gorilla Wall Brace, most walls can be straightened over time without excavation.

More Pushing Strength

Gorilla Wall Braces push off of three floor joists to increase pushing strength – vastly more effective than systems that push off only one.

Engineer-Stamped Design

Engineer tested design distributes wall loads more evenly to floor joists, reducing the side pressure to prevent floor joists from twisting.

Safer Installation Design

Safety features are built into the design of Gorilla Wall Braces to keep the DIY installation process safer for homeowners.

Expand Your Living Space

Because Gorilla Wall Braces continually brace your basement wall, you can confidently finish off your basement to expand your living space. 

I-Joist & Spancrete Ceilings

With minor modifications, Gorilla Wall Braces can be attached to I-Joist floor joists or spancrete ceilings to fix your bowing basement walls. 

Manufactured in America

Gorilla Wall Braces are manufactured in the USA. We are committed to quality and keeping jobs in America, supporting small-town USA.

From Adam – rallycsx on YouTube

Gorilla Wall Braces Review

“I was quoted over $30,000 for this repair and I completed all of the work for less than $4000 for 2 houses!”

“I am happy to report that I have successfully moved the wall back to the original position and closed the cracks in the back house .The main house still has some open cracks but the top of the wall is returned to plumb and the visible cracking has been significantly reduced.”

John Holahan
John Holahan
Gorilla wall Braces exceeded expectations. We are home builders and have a full basement supporting my office building (which we did not build). Expansive soils and water loading had caused the walls to deflect, some as much as 1 1/2 inches in several areas. After receiving estimates between $25 and 28k, I was compelled to search the web for another solution. Gorilla Wall from Resch Enterprises provided videos and resources, Andy offered guidance and answers. I repeat, Gorilla Walls exceeded expectations. Being home builders, we installed to system ourselves. I believe anyone with some basic skills and knowledge can install Gorilla Walls themselves, a helper would be a plus. Some walls became straight and plumb once more, others moved to within acceptable deflection with support preventing further movement. I highly recommend the Gorilla Wall Braces product and the team at Resch Enterprises.
john shea
john shea
Andy Resch runs Gorilla Braces, based in Minnesota, a family owned business. After realizing that I could no longer ignore a short wall in the basement that was bulging in I spent time on the internet and landed on Gorilla Braces. I decided to use this company and ordered the material from Andy I would need. It arrived quickly and best of all it was solid. Well built, definitely capable of handling tremendous pressure. Andy also included a pamphlet showing step by step instructions, which I really appreciated. ( Also all bolts, nuts, and even a drill bit needed for concrete anchors.( It's a SDS bit so keep that in mind) The install actually went way faster than I expected! Also be aware if your floor joist are parallel or perpendicular to the wall you are bracing...as they need different brace. All in all I was very satisfied with the outcome and the interaction with Andy. Good luck on your project; best advice is don't be scared or overwhelmed. You'll save a ton of cash doing it yourself.... (Actual business name is Gorilla Wall Braces)
Ryan Rash
Ryan Rash
We had a sewer break which flooded our basement. After stripping everything out, we found 3 of the walls were cracked and bowed. It wasn’t severe, but we wanted to get the problem solved quickly. I found Gorilla Brace, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I was able to get the basement repaired for 1/3 what a local contractor quoted for a similar product. In the end, my labor was worth over $600/hr. That’s real savings for those of us who have the skills and abilities to get the work done. A rotary hammer is a must, don’t try this with a standard hammer drill. Use a portable band saw to trim the steel (that was the hardest part of this). Rent or borrow the tools you don’t have and you’ll save thousands! My walls were deflected 1-3 inches depending on the spot. One wall was straightened the day of install, the other 2 took a few more days. My soil was pretty soft from excavating the sewer, so that likely helped. The kits include everything you need, there’s nothing to buy except the steel. My package was missing 2 backer plates, but Resch sent them right out with no trouble. Getting this done gives us peace of mind and the savings will go a long way to get our other damage repaired faster. I’m really, really happy with Gorilla Brace!
Lance Duester
Lance Duester
Resch Enterprises is an incredible company to work with! They are extremely knowledgeable and they are genuinely interested in helping people. They will make you feel comfortable asking questions and they will not stop until your problem is solved.
Savannah Dumas
Savannah Dumas
Great product
Ross Baldwin
Ross Baldwin
I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of craftsmanship that Resch Enterprises provided with their Gorilla Wall Braces. The team was quick to answer questions and help out with the ordering/design process. I received my braces within 2 days of ordering. The written and video instructions made the installation process a breeze. As long as you are willing to put in a bit of effort and your walls meet the requirements (explained on the site), I would highly recommend this system to fix bowed basement walls instead of paying 4k - 5k+ on a contractor.
Robert Biela
Robert Biela
I have an 80 year old cinderblock basement that was separating on the seems and bowing. I had several contractors give me quotes between 15 and 25 thousand dollars to repair. Way too much money for me so I researched a number of wall brace companies and was immediately impressed with the Resch Inc Gorilla brace system. I saved so much money and Andy at Resch was an incredible help answering all of my questions over several phone calls. I HIGHLY recommend going on line and checking out their Gorilla brace and many other products. As far as I’m concerned it is the best wall brace product on the market!
adam johnson
adam johnson
Andy and the folks at Resch Enterprises were fantastic to work with and were flexible in meeting my needs. I had a basement wall that was slightly bowing in and their perpendicular Gorilla Braces worked perfectly to partially close the bowing gap and provide significant additional support. My installation was slightly unconventional based on the recommended practices from Resch Enterprises, but a personal phone call from the owner allowed me to work through the details and make sure I was getting a product that would suit my needs. If you are looking for a quality wall brace system for your bowing block wall, look no further! I installed seven braces in about 3hrs time.
David Mika
David Mika
Purchased seven Gorilla Braces for a bowed basement wall made of brick. These were combined with locally sourced steel beams. I was very happy with the quality of design and construction. Resch Enterprises is family-run and they know basements! They are highly recommended
Dillon Katskee
Dillon Katskee
This amazing family owned is engineering and producing great products that we are using in Omaha Nebraska. Thank you Andy, Greg and Becky for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help our small business. We appreciate you 👍🏻👍🏻
Gorilla Wall Braces

Orders Typically Ship Out in 2-3 Business Days

Gorilla Wall Braces are manufactured locally so our inventory is not affected by foreign imports shipping delays. We keep Gorilla Wall Braces stocked up in our warehouse as we know when your basement walls are bowing in – it is not something that can wait!

Gorilla Wall Brace orders are typically shipped out in 2-3 business days. Most orders arrive within 2 weeks.

If shipping Gorilla Wall Braces to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, please allow extra time for shipping. And also for orders that contain 20+ braces as they ship by truck on a pallet.

map of United States showing the shipping times for UPS from Saint Cloud, MN for Gorilla Wall Brace orders
Reparing bowed basement walls with DIY Gorilla Wall Braces

What Does It Cost?

Repairing your foundation walls can be less costly if you do it yourself. Customers share how they have saved thousands by fixing their bowing basement walls themselves with Gorilla Wall Braces.

The steel beams are NOT included with Gorilla Wall Braces. Purchase the steel beams locally or online at MetalsDepot.com (a 10% off coupon is included with your Gorilla Wall Brace order)

Order 4 or more Gorilla Wall Brace kits and shipping is FREE!