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About Gorilla Wall Braces

Gorilla Wall Braces by Resch Enterprises Inc -- Family-Owned Since 1967

Why Basement Walls Start Moving Inward

One of the most common reasons for a bowing or bulging basement wall is the expansion of clay soils when moisture is present. Clay soils expand when they get wet, and shrink when they dry out. The expansion of wet clay soils put additional pressure on the foundation wall. When this force exceeds the strength of the wall, the basement wall cracks and moves inward. The structural integrity of the wall is now compromised and future wetting/expanding of the soil will continue to weaken the basement wall over time.

Gorilla Wall Braces

Gorilla Wall Braces effectively stabilize bowing or buckling foundation walls from the inside of your basement.

To stop a buckling wall from moving further inward and bracing your wall against the expansive outside soil forces pushing in against it, steel beams are placed against the basement wall and secured to the concrete basement floor and the wooden joists above with Gorilla Wall Brace System.

The steel beams are NOT included with the Gorilla Wall Brace kits. Purchase the required steel beams locally or online at MetalsDepot.com (a 10% off coupon is included with your Gorilla Wall Brace® order). There are three types of steel beams you can buy that meet our engineering specifications – more info.

The engineered floor bracket of the Gorilla Wall Brace System requires no removal of the concrete floor.

photo of Gorilla Wall Brace floor bracket

Better Designed, Patented & Engineered!

The patented design of the Gorilla Wall Brace system has been stress/pressure tested and approved by a Professional Engineer to effectively and safely fix bowing basement walls.

Unique in the industry, Perpendicular Gorilla Wall Braces utilize the support of three floor joists, giving the Gorilla system more pushing strength over other systems that push off of only one floor joist. Utilizing three floor joists also allows wall loads to be distributed more evenly. This patented design reduces the side pressure on the floor joists to prevent the twisting or buckling that happens in basemen bracing systems that push off only one or two floor joists.

Parallel Gorilla Wall Braces are secured in a similar fashion, giving the Gorilla system tremendous pushing power. The patented and superior design enables Gorilla Wall Braces to push back and straighten basement walls that are bowing in, as well as prevent any further inward movement in the future.

a basement with white walls and Gorilla Wall Braces installed to straighten the bowing basement walls.

Advantages of Gorilla Wall Braces

Gorilla Wall Braces – the best designed and most economical basement bracing system available – proven by years of use.

• Exerts force top to bottom to prevent wall shear
• Unique floor bracket requires no removal of floor
• Can be installed any time of year and usually in one day
• Can straighten wall immediately with slight excavation
• Or, can straighten wall over time with no exterior excavation

with excavation

Gorilla Wall Braces can move bowed foundation walls back into place in one day. A small trenching machine is used outside next to the foundation wall to alleviate soil pressure. Gorilla Wall Braces then apply pressure on the inside of the basement wall until the wall is pushed back into place. Most jobs take only one day to complete.

with no excavation

Gorilla Wall Braces are also able to straighten most basement walls over time with no excavation to the exterior. A homeowner continually tightens the screw at the top of Gorilla Wall Braces to keep a constant pressure on the bracket, allowing the steel beam to move the wall slowly back to plumb.

Customer Testimonial

“A combination of a failed drain system, invasive tree roots, and flooding, caused my concrete block basement wall to bow inward. I needed a quick and efficient solution – Gorilla Wall Braces were the answer!

After contacting Andy at Resch Enterprises, who was extremely helpful and who provided verbal, written and video instruction and guidance, I acquired and installed 6 wall braces. Following the step-by-step instructions provided, they were amazingly simple to install. With backfill removed on the outside, my wall was completely straightened in one day!

This is a great family-owned company with professionals who are very responsive to your needs. I strongly recommend Gorilla Wall Braces, if you need a basement wall straightened!”

Tom C.

Sheridan, WY


Reclaim Your Basement!
Fix your bowing basement walls with Gorilla Wall Braces

Save thousands of dollars by fixing your bowing basement walls yourself with Gorilla Wall Braces.

The steel beams are NOT included with the Gorilla Wall Brace kits. Steel beams are purchased locally – or online at MetalsDepot.com (a 10% off coupon is included with your Gorilla Wall Brace® order).

When you order 4 or more Gorilla Wall Brace kits – shipping is FREE!